A Life Worth Living [Ch. 3] By FiTB_Games

FiTB Games released a new game called A Life Worth Living and the version is Ch. 3. The game’s story is about You playing as a married man, who is trying to keep his marriage fresh, and start a family. Some issues arise along this journey, and your choices will decide what happens in his life, and his marriage. You will run into quite a few characters along the way, from co-workers, to neighbors, and to casual acquaintances. Will you remain faithful? Will you cheat? Will you push your wife away? Let’s find out together. This is a choice-based Visual Novel, so the choices you make affect the behavior of other characters in the game, especially your wife. So be careful about the choices you make.​

File Size:3.16 GB
Version:Ch. 3
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 2

  • *1200+ new renders.
  • *11000+ lines of codes.
  • *6 animations
  • *Changed GUI
  • *Added Gallery, and Info section

Developer Notes:

Please note that there will be a possible cuckold path, and NTR, both avoidable, in future releases. Please read through the initial posts of this thread for more info. If this doesn’t appeal you, we are sorry. If you like such content, great. Welcome to the party! Enjoy the game

If you like the game, please support us on our patreon page. This is our first game, so we are expecting feedback and suggestions from you so that we can give you the best content. Feel free to reach out to us.:)

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