Alina: Sorceress In Trouble [v0.1.2] By Flurki Games

Flurki Games released a new game called Alina: Sorceress In Trouble and the version is 0.1.2. The game’s story is about The royal court sorceress, Alina, who undergoes a journey through a deep, dark forest. She is suddenly intercepted by a hooded male, whose intentions are unclear. What does fate have in store for the young sorceress? This game is planned to be an interrogation-style game, where Alina is chained up and at your mercy. You can talk with her, ask questions, influence her mood, and of course, also touch her on a lot of different body parts, grope her, tickle her, play with her, etc. Planned are also good and bad endings depending on your behavior.​

Developer:Flurki Games
File Size:46.4 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.2 Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Second game I’m developing, this time more focused on the sexual aspect and direct interaction with the female character. You have a lot of possibilites to interact, though right now only a lot of touchable spots are added. Branching talk options, items and different endings will be added soon. As always, feedback is very much appreciated!

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