Artificial Awakening [v0.10] By ShinyDarkRai

ShinyDarkRai Games released a new game called Artificial Awakening and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about A genius scientist fails his experiment, was it hubris? Is there anyone left who knows? You, his son, wake up in a hospital bed, confused, not truly knowing who you are. You have some memories from both of them, is this body really yours though? which of these memories are truly your own? There are many things you can’t remember, but others that you start to. is there something more to all of this?…..

File Size:819.7 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 8 New Events
  • 6 new animations
  • Added a textbox opacity slider in the settings.
  • Added option to add a white drop shadow on the name in renpy.
  • Redone the animations at the beginning of the story. Your game won’t lag when loading starter animations anymore.
  • Added trackers with characters like Kissed, virginity, etc
  • Patron-exclusive content for the game has been added.
  • Big changes in the affection system. More Interactions were added with it.
  • Changes in Harumi’s face


  • 5 New events
  • 11 new animations
  • Added some Interaction with characters throughout the map.
  • Typos Fixed
  • Previous Bugs Fixed
  • Added a Halloween event. (You can check out where the previous Christmas event was.)
  • Christmas event has been unlocked in the gallery by default.
  • Fixed all bugs in the alpha version.

Developer Notes:

v0.3 – This is mainly a sandbox update, things can change in the future so, anything you like or don’t like please give me your review about it. I am still learning a lot about renpy. My exams are near so I might take a Short break.

v0.2 – I am trying a lot of things right now so, if you want anything changed a bit please let me know on discord. I will try my best but I also need you guys to support So, if you can, please support me on Patreon or Subscribestar.

All characters shown and displayed are of 18 years and older.
This is my first time making a Ren’py game.

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