Battle Heroine Crisis [v9912138] By CM Studio

CM StudioGames released a new game called Battle Heroine Crisis and the version is 9912138. The game’s story is about If you can control the hearts of others… What would you do? A new concept of card battle + scenario adventure game! What do you want to be with her? Friends? Lovers? or…​

Developer: CM Studio
File Size:903.8 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

latest update with all DLC including the new Story DLC (Ticy & Elizabeth Another), all new costumes DLC.

Developer Notes:

The game has been granted the copyright of Doujinshi [Cross Make], a second work by Japanese Comics [Freezing].
Based on Doujinshi, it is a title that has been recreated by adding original elements.
All the contents of this game were produced with the consent of the original author.

A new concept of card battle + scenario adventure game!

  • Battle Heroine Crisis is a new type of game that combines deck building card games with battles.
  • Players can instill thoughts expressed by cards into Battle Heroine by using the ability of a mind link to plant their thoughts in the other person’s mind.
  • The three emotions of Heroine change according to the planted mind, and the story proceeds accordingly.
  • Mind links expressed by cards can change their strategies in various ways depending on how they are played.
  • Through this, you can also enjoy a thrilling battle between characters.
  • All graphics are made of ANIME-style high-resolution CG, and the climax has a full animation effect.
  • The voice support of all Heroines will give you a more realistic feeling.

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