Become Alpha [v0.3.49] By Grave Mercutio

Grave Mercutio Games released a new game called Become Alpha and the version is 0.3.49. The game’s story is about Harry Panuchkin a cliché kid from the suburbs – skinnier than the lamppost, whiter than bleached asshole, and a mouth full of gangsta rap trivia. You can say he’s a moron with a boring life, but just so happens that he’s on a verge of a great adventure.

And like every great adventure it’s a great opportunity for life transformation. So help Harry become the alpha male he always wanted to be. Long story short – Become Alpha is a porn game with a kick-ass branching storyline, quests, an RPG-like experience system, and the possibility to have sex with many partners. It’s also pretty damn funny.

Developer:Grave Mercutio
File Size:3.28 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


Here comes another big release, with a lot of new content. Especially if you’re into hookers!:) There’s 5 of them, and they are way more glamorous than the ones in the park. If you’re a Supporter, you will find them in the cheap motel in the City Center. Another big thing in this release is the therapist. Unfortunately at the moment it doesn’t offer any sexy time, but instead you can get hypnotized and replay any of the finished quests! This fun feature should give you things to do while waiting for new content;) And there’s more. I’ve added some content to Rose’s quest, as a preparation for her new quest that’s coming. I’ve also rebalanced rent at Daphne’s house, reworked some key mechanics, and fixed ton of bugs. Have fun, my dudes!

v. 0.3.43 PayPal fucked Christmas
I was hoping that this update will be different, and will contain a new quest for Bridgette. Unfortunately, before we managed to finish it, we were hit by bad news – PayPal removed our account and seized our assets. They say they will maybe return the money, but it will take 180 days, and there are no guarantees, so basically – fuck me. So I rushed this update to remove all mention of PayPal from the game. The content update should be out in couple of days.

v0.3.38 Hotfix

  • 1. Fix for missing play-doh
  • If you were unable to locate play-doh in the local store during Key Quest – this will fix it.
  • 2. Other changes
  • Some small fixes and changes here and there.


Minor changes

  • 10. Additional activities in the College library – so far you could only study and search, now you can as well read comic books or books. Additionally from now on, random encounters might happen while doing any of the above, and not only when studying.
  • 11. Changes in the top stats bar for mobile players, to make everything fit nicely in different screen sizes.
  • 12. Encounters with the muggers in the park will now be far less frequent.
  • 13. Getting caught by the police while fucking hookers or buying drugs in the park will now be less frequent.
  • 14. To cure Drained effect you can pray or attend the mass in the church.
  • 15. Visits from Daphne and Alexa at night will be now less frequent.
  • 16. Almost dead effect is now called “Bleeding”.

Developer Notes:

Become Alpha is currently in an early access version. This means that it’s not finished, but I’ve spent a lot of time making sure there are no huge bugs, and the gameplay works. The main things are there, and there are 2 fully featured characters you can date

The future:

  • Multiple routes for the main storyline,
  • Individual sex clips for each character,
  • Strikes system that penalizes bad behavior towards a character,
  • Weekly dad conversations with bonuses depending on your behavior during the week,
  • Minimum 10 fully-featured characters with individual quests and storylines (currently 2),
  • Additional features for player screen (wheels, crew),
  • Minimum 30 quests (currently 2),
  • Minimum 60 activities (currently around 15-20),
  • Minimum 20 fully featured locations (currently just Daphne’s house),
  • NPC system.
  • And much, much more…

Unlimited Password:

Open index.html on a text editor (i.e Notepad++) and search for:


} else if (fapCode.hashCode() == setup.fapUnlimitedCode) {

Replace it with this:


} else if (fapCode == "F95Zone") {

Then go to the extra content section, select the Unlimited mode and insert the password “F95Zone”.

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