BETA-SIXDOUZE [Final] By Liar-soft

Liar-soft Games released a new game called BETA-SIXDOUZE and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Approximately 380,000 kilometers from Earth, a monstrous rose blooms just beyond the night sky, its silhouette glowing ominously in the moonlight. No one knows when it will strike again, and its true name and intentions remain unconfirmed. Humans know it only as “Consuelo.” Enter Yosuke Hakone, a combat pilot with Earth’s military entrusted with an unlikely mission: to take to the stars in the legendary Battle-SHEEP Sura with his mysterious new copilot Hanaco… and defeat humanity’s greatest threat yet!

But with Hanaco’s regressions and Yosuke’s own intergenerational inner demons to overcome, will this mismatched pair get it together in time? And just who is Hanaco, really…? The second in Dento Nanahoshi and Liar-soft’s STX-SF series following ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK, this space opera sequel is for the starry-eyed dreamer in all of us–a nostalgic nod to the old adage that what’s essential is invisible to the eye.​

File Size:1.76 GB
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Developer Notes:

The STX Space Force’s newest captain. Rank: Silver Star. Promoted to Battle-SHEEP pilot due to his selfless nature, he’s ready to lay down his life for the mission–and humankind. However, as the grandson of a notorious war criminal, his morality often stems from misplaced shame and guilt. Thanks to Hanaco, he learns to face his demons for the first time…

Yosuke’s mysterious new copilot, a bona-fide Blue Star, and a wunderkind at channeling vast amounts of pure sel. This girl’s all at once honest, simple, and the purest of heart. Though no fault of her own, she often fails to read the room. Tends to take conversations and social cues at face value.

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