Bound by Night [v0.11a] By BoundByNight

BoundByNight Games released a new game called Bound by Night and the version is 0.11a. The game’s story is about is an adult Visual Novel set in the modern world with supernatural elements. It includes six core characters as well as four patron-sponsored characters, all of whom are romanceable. The story combines elements of the psychological horror and erotic genres, with explicit sex scenes between men and dominant/submissive relationships that can evolve over the course of the story.

Bound by Night has its own mythology around supernatural elements. It takes place in a world just like ours — without magic — but in which vampires and werewolves exist. Over the course of the story, the main character will learn how these creatures came to be and how much more dangerous they could become.

File Size:1.34 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.11 – 1/29/2023

  1. Added content for Chapter 14
  2. Revised Title Screen image for all versions
  3. Added Patreon button for PC/Mac versions
  4. Changed Alex’s skin texture for this and future new content
  5. Corrected more typos!!!
  6. Slowed the rate at which certain images displayed during explicit sequence with Mayhew at end of Chapter 13
  7. Changed music in one sequence at end of Chapter 13

Version 0.10b- 12/15/2022

  1. New content for Chapter 13
  2. Finished Scene where you can top in Chapter 12
  3. For PC and Mac, all gallery images should now unlock when viewed in game and new images have been added
  4. Revised menu options at end of Chapter 12 so the “human” route is available regardless of whether you opted-in to werewolf content
  5. Edited choices in Chapter 10 to better clarify significance of choice
  6. Fixed code that caused an image to not appear in Chapter 10
  7. Temporarily removed option to reject the coffee date in Chapter 8, as it was leading to a plot hole later in the story
  8. Corrected typos in Chapter 12
  9. Corrected clipping issue in some explicit images from Chapter 12
  10. Corrected default save names for different sections in Chapter 12

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