Chastity Sentai Vagina Colors Zero [v1.2] By STUDIO HP+

STUDIO HP+ Games released a new game called Chastity Sentai Vagina Colors Zero and the version is 1.2. The game’s story is about The world’s peace faced a threat from the malevolent group known as “Black Diamond”. Nonetheless, five courageous maidens emerged to confront this menace. They are known as the “Chastity Squadron Vagina Colors”. Harnessing the unique power of their purity, these maidens combat wicked creatures to ensure peace in the city. Based on the manga “Chastity Squadron Vagina Colors”, but even those unfamiliar with the manga can still find enjoyment in the game.

Simulation RPG with the theme of evil corruption Small number of easy stages Playable with mouse only Multiple endings H-scenes, situations, etc. Various evil corruption routes (Black Snake Monster, Black Butterfly Monster, Black Bee Monster, Robo Armor, Vagina Black, Evil Shinobi, etc.) More than 20 H-scenes More than 100 event CGs (including diffs) Scene recollections can be viewed anytime from the title.

Developer:STUDIO HP+
File Size:354.5 MB
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