Chronicles of Dominion [v0.5] By CuriousRaccoon

CuriousRaccoon Games released a new game called Chronicles of Dominion and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about “I have let it control me for long enough. Now it’s my time to control it. ” With the ability to travel through time what will you do? The answer is pretty simple actually, do what ever the fuck you want, fuck who ever you want, where ever you want and however you want. Dev here, I have been tired of playing HTML games which have 10% content and 90% grinding. Therefore I took it upon myself to create a game with ZERO grinding.​

File Size:1.85 GB
OS:Windows, Linux
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.4 Release : Continues Mr. Ben Dover’s path and Kendra’s path.

v0.3 Release : Continues Mr. Ben Dover’s path. Go through all the options to access all the content.

v0.2 Release : Maximum content on hypnosis path.

v0.1 Release

Developer Notes:

Updates every 2 weeks. Expect consistency but not big ass updates 🙂

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