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InCreed Games released a new game called Coffee Break and the version is 0.24. The game’s story is about Our world is full of mysterious places. Some are so secretive that it’s nearly impossible to enter, some are so deadly that no one has the courage to do so, and others are so bizarre that you wouldn’t even believe they exist. This story takes place in an even more special location. I’d like to invite you to the break room of a medium-sized online retailer! Wait… what? Yes, you read that right – most of the important events happen during the workday’s coffee break. Don’t worry, though; I didn’t mislead you about this place’s uniqueness.

The main character of Coffee Break interacts with an interesting, cast of characters in an office setting as the story progresses. The tale increases in craziness and sexual tension with each subsequent installment. Prepare yourself for a lot of comedic, jovial, and, most importantly, erotic events. You should take a break, prepare your coffee, and enjoy the show!​

File Size:1.60 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added all of Monday and part of Tuesday.
  • Added premium scene: dream on the farm with bimbofied July.



  • The entire “Slut Town” event has been added. 450+ renders and 13 animations.
  • Minor GUI improvements/changes.
  • Improved dialogues and fixed grammar and spelling errors from previous updates.


  • Added Friday at work, Saturday at the gym, and the beginning of the “Slut Town” event.
  • A few renders from release 0.1 were remade.
  • Fixed some grammar and spelling errors from v0.1.
  • The “skip NTR mode” option has been removed! I decided it wasn’t very useful, and it required me to spend a lot of time that I could have spent creating more content. The rest of what I said about NTR in the game remains unchanged.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game modes, and NTR explanation:
The game contains two settings that can be changed at the start of the game (or in the menu, when this feature is implemented). The first is walkthrough mode, which, when turned on while making a choice, shows tips that explain what will happen based on what you do. It can be turned on or off. The second one is NTR mode. By default, it is turned on. If you turn it off, only sex scenes with the main character will be displayed. For more information, see the NTR explanation.

I will explain NTR in the game with examples of different female character groups:

1) Female characters with relationship routes: there are three girls that the main character can be romantically invested with. Those are Liv, Helly, and July. With those characters, the MC’s decision to avoid the NTR scenes is always an option. They will be heavily hinted at in the plot, so you will be able to easily avoid them. Helly is a special case, because her romantic route will start much later, so at the start of the story she should be treated as the secondary character.

2) Secondary female characters: girls like Cherry, Camila, or Samantha. It’s similar to the previous group, but there is a slight chance that there will be non-MC sex scenes that are unavoidable (I would say 95% will be avoidable). The difference is that they will be harder to avoid, so you need to make good decisions to avoid them.

3) Others: those are women that appear only once, or very rarely, and are not considered part of the main cast. With this group, there will be a lot of events, that are unavoidable.

If you don’t want to see any NTR-like content, you can turn NTR mode off. ALL NTR scenes will be avoided, but I cannot guarantee that the story will be completely enjoyable. I will try to make the story as consistent as possible, even with NTR mode off.

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