Cohabitation [v1.11] By POME

POME Games released a new game called Cohabitation and the version is 1.11. The game’s story is about War and illness have ravaged the young male population of this country, and the government is forced to step in to combat this issue. Their solution; allot a woman to all unmarried men for the purpose of increasing the birth rate. And finally, the day has come for you to receive your government handout…

A fully-voiced fondling/touching simulator focused on getting you off! Enjoy a life of interacting with your new girlfriend via conversation and touching. Scene selection is limited at the beginning, but as you build her affection and sensitivity, you’ll unlock lots of new options. There is an ending, but there aren’t any time restrictions, so enjoy a stress-free time with this cute girl. A variety of scenes! Simple touching controls, with cross-sections and a variety of touching options to want! Change hairstyle and clothing (clothing isn’t reflected during touching portions) Status check/album functions included. Mask ON / OFF included! 200+ voice lines: Play your favorite lines again freely! * Opening this screen increases her affection a little.

File Size:439.8 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
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