Collars Rebirth [ Core 0.3.33] By Nekomatic

Nekomatic Games released a new game called Collars Rebirth and the version is Core 0.3.33. The game’s story is about You rebuild your life after getting kicked out by your hyper protective and prudish mother. You play as Lucas/Lucy, the grandchild of renown pervert and deviant Izuna Kimura. Little is known about your heritage, the town, or even the mysterious collars that you handle early on in the game. Go through life in a town your mother cast you away to, and defy her attempts to rid the lecherous desires your grandmother passed down to you. Collar innocent townsfolk and make them your mindless sex toys, win the heart of one special npc and settle down the right way, or fight and violate feral anthro inhabitants. The choice is ultimately yours.

File Size:610.4 MB
Version:Core 0.3.33
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Core 0.3.33

**Minor Additions**

  • Additional fixes applied to the ‘update’ cellphone feature.
  • Meeting Akane prior to the addition of the NPC debug room and it still being locked should be remedied with use.
  • Kariks facial expression pack altered for balance.
  • Extra expression files added
  • Extra clothes added to the Dreamy Pines Inn map in case of in-battle stripping.

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