Corporate Queen [Final] By Rebby

Rebby Games released a new game called Corporate Queen and the version is Final. The game’s story is A small story about corporate greed, and older women in nylons​

File Size:200.02 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

v04.5 Final version

  • polished first scene with John with a few ooohs and aaaahs
  • added ooohs and aaahs to Maria’s pool schene
  • added drug game over
  • adjusted illegal earnings
  • added meeting with Tom
  • added stress events

Developer Notes:

I’m still learning, so don’t go asking me to give you the moon. Story-wise, it’s probably a mess. I am not a stockbroker nor a banker. It’s not to be taken seriously. The world itself is the same as my previous game, sort of a cheesy 80s porn previous game: And just as with my previous game: I don’t claim any of it, feel free to cut copy or edit anything

Final version: Ok, I’m done… I think. Finally added in those stress events I wanted to have at the beginning, though in hindsight, they might be completely pointless. I don’t know if the game is too easy or too hard, though seemingly a lot seem to struggle with chapter 1. I will provide a walkthrough. Even if its my intent not to work on this anymore. If you want to re-write scenes, or add story, feel free to send them in private messages. Or better yet, make your own version.

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