Curse of the Underdark [v0.8] By Goseb90

Goseb90 Games released a new game called Curse of the Underdark and the version is 0.8. The game’s story is about There is a powerful curse going on and it turns many women into ‘futanaris’. The origin of the curse is quite mysterious, but it comes from the Underdark. The reason there is a curse going is because of a thirst in power from a Dark Elf. She read a forbidden book and it curses her entire family and anyone near it. Meaning several Dark Elves families… But the curse is so powerful it affected Monster girls and women of the surface. One of them is Queen Katselia, the Queen of the continent.​

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Initial Release

Developer Notes:

An rpgmaker game where the story is about a Futanari Curse. Contents: Futa on male (MC), monster girls, futa on female, Futa on Monsters, Incest (The player and his mom). Your role is to find out more about this strange curse because she’s the one who gives you the quest. So you end up wandering around towns asking if some people might know anything about the curse which will eventually lead you to the Underdark.

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