Domination Desire: Banished [v3] By Necropanzer

Necropanzer Games released a new game called Domination Desire: Banished and the version is 3. The game’s story is about You are the Hero of Cradlestone a kingdom on the brink of destruction. The Kingdom of Succubi is far too great a threat for anyone to handle alone. So you have returned from your travels to meet with a representative of the angelic forces in hopes to gain an upper hand in the coming battles. However, they seem to be running late…​

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Game Version Changelog:


  • Adds Main Questlines for two Areas: Scattered Castle & Faraway Archipelago.
  • Scattered Castle – continues from taking the blue haired girl home. Wait 3 days for it to start.
  • Faraway Archipelago – continues from the battle with Nimardentia
  • Adds one side quest – appears 10 days after taking Suzanna home
  • Adds Day & Night System
  • Adds Difficulty Adjustment menu in the Dimensional Rift
  • Introduces a new game mode: Challenge Spire that can be found in the Gate of the Future (right portal in the Dimensional Rift)
  • Introduces 2 Side Characters: Ceren & Suzanna:
  • Ceren – teaches the player character new moves and can bring him treasure.
  • Suzanna – trains with the player character and provides items each day.
  • Introduces 2 new enemies Succubus Pacifier(futa only) & Fairy Vixen
  • Introduces a new feature Nemesis System that lets you enemies power up when defeating the player.Unloackable through the Difficulty setting
  • Fixes the issue with the Berzerker enchanments and the HP losing on the map
  • Lets the player lose in the intro sequence with Legion
  • QoL changes: Dimensional Stone lets you travel directly to your bedroom and home.
  • Small fixes, fixed typos and minor balance changes
  • Adds automatic mode to the surrender move

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