Down on the Farm [v0.2] By NaughtyNeighborGames

NaughtyNeighborGames released a new game called Down on the Farm and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about This is my first ever HTML game using Twine and sugarcube. It will be a straight Kinetic Novel while I get used to Twine and I will eventually build up to better stuff as I learn This Novel will have two protagonists to choose from Male or Female the story will be vastly different with both. As of V0.1 only the Female path is playable.

File Size:855 MB
OS:Windows, MacOS, Linux
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • 232 lines of code
  • 3930 words


1 Shower sex scene
1 flashback sex scene
1 beastiality scene skippable
1 small on cam masterbation scene
1 outdoor gratuidous sex scenes
1 foot fetich sex scene skippable

fixed some variables and added some variables that should have been there to begin with.
might need to start over to make sure they are all in place for you.


  • 40 vids
  • 18 gifs
  • 3 jpgs

Developer Notes:

This is my first time using Twine so please if you find bugs or any spelling grammar errors let me know. I tested it often so there shouldn’t be any but you can never be too sure.

Game Images & Screenshots


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