Elven Curse [v0.1.3o] By TDMBP

TDMBP Games released a new game called Elven Curse and the version is 0.1.3o. The game’s story is about You will play as an elf that has had a curse has been placed upon her. Now she must venture into the dungeons to destroy the artifact powering the spell. She will have to deal with complications as they develop.

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Game Version Changelog:

version 0.1.3o

  • This update is dedicated almost entirely to the save system and updating the goblin capture event to the new interact system.
  • Conversion to the save point system is in effect. There is one room in the forest and the goblin capture scenario where you will be able to save your game. There is only one save file for the moment. The game can be loaded from the main menu or the pause menu.
  • Quest progress and character upgrades will now be recorded in your save. With one exception, the door that opens once you use the pink gem will close again on load. However you still have the gem so the door just needs to be opened again.
  • For now access to the Tavern area is removed. There is still some more work to do on making saves work properly for that area.
  • The goblin capture scenario now functions from beginning to end with the space key for interacting with everything. Other rogue instances of needing the old interact key have hopefully all been stamped out.

Developer Notes:

  • Available now is the current concept build of the game.
  • It features light exploration and some combat.
  • It is a chance to try out the foundation of what will form the game.

In game Controls:

  • F1 to open in game menu
  • Arrow keys used for movement
  • C to interact
  • X to attack
  • Esc to exit the game

Thanks for playing! Opportunities to help support development available on Patreon.

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