Fairy Biography4 : Affair [Final] By Lovely Games

Lovely Games released a new game called Fairy Biography4 : Affair and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Fairy Biography4: Affair is a casual strategy game with elements of Oriental mythology. It still continues the unique worldview of the series, bringing you a fantasy world where ancient and modern intersect. [Yuan Shen] The demon spirits were weak and unable to take care of themselves after being broken up, and they were haunted by female ghosts… and you, who caused everything, naturally couldn’t let them perish! “Be careful! It’s not that easy to repel the succubus,” the two demon spirits reminded you!

I am more advanced in the previous spells, successfully repel the naughty female ghost and help her walk on the road of knowing kindness and kindness, and also get help from the former demon spirit during the journey~ It’s the fourth meeting with Miss Yaoling! There will be new characters added in this work. I wonder what kind of interesting story will happen this time?

File Size:221.8 MB
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Developer Notes:

Game Features

  • Interesting and challenging game levels, on the basis of the previous work, pay more attention to the refreshing feeling of the game levels, and continue to upgrade in an all-round way
  • More immersive plot illustrations, there will be plot text performances in subsequent games
  • An intertwined world view of ancient and modern times, a fantasy world
  • Eight exquisite CG
  • One piece skipped (this time there will be!!!)

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