Feign [v1.14.8] By slaen

slaen Games released a new game called Feign and the version is 1.14.8. The game’s story is about A role-playing game for adults that will combine elements from Skyrim, Fable, and Corruption of Champions.​

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Game Version Changelog:


  • Rough update list – may contain spoilers!
    Goblin AI changes
    based on distance to player will perform random actions and switch between ranged and melee attacks
  • NPC grappling now has a progress bar. When the progress bar is full it will trigger character dependant scenes. Only the goblin has scene support so far.
  • Resting in unsecure locations can now trigger random encounters. Currently only the goblin encounter is implemented and is set to always trigger.
  • Reeve quest line is in game.
  • Reeve has 2 reward scenes if the player progresses far enough through his quest line.
  • Xandra, the tavern owner, has a quest line.
  • She has 2 reward scenes if the player progresses far enough through her quest line.
  • Farm girl, spawns at one of the farms outside the north gate of town, has the beginning of her romance path and associated quests
  • Farm boy, spawns at the other farm outside the north gate of town, has the beginning of his romance path and associated quests
  • Resource gathering has had some updates. Now resource nodes can trigger animations, take time to gather, spawn props like mining picks, have differing amounts, and have variable respawn rates.
  • Quest triggers are now supported on interactive objects, dialogues, inventory checks, and other quest triggers.
  • Lesser Incubus has 3 new scene animations depending on player anatomy.
  • He has placeholder animations and AI for everything else.
  • Random loot containers have been updated and added to a lot more locations around the map.
  • The barn south of town has a Slime girl narrative encounter inside
  • Added a new abandoned cabin a bit north of the tutorial cave. There’s a few placeable objects blueprints lying around to test the placement system and the new growable crops items.
  • Added placeable object blueprints and pre-placed objects to the test house inside the north gate.
  • Began blocking out path south out of the valley. Eventually this will be a swamp area and small coastal village.
  • Solo animations and lust system. After taking enough lust damage the player will now randomly be stunned and start playing the solo lust animation for their current anatomy.
  • Players can also reduce lust at any time they choose by pressing a hotkey (currently the 8 key) and letting the animation finish.

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