FNAF: Security Overhaul [v0.4.0 Demo] By Isolatedartest

Isolatedartest Games released a new game called FNAF: Security Overhaul and the version is 0.4.0 Demo. The game’s story is about After decades of refinement, Fazbear Entertainment has reached the pinnacle of animatronic technology! You’re one of the lucky few to get an inside look at the new Pizzaplex, working as a security guard. Your supervisor has recently transferred you to the night shift, however, and while the animatronics don’t kill like before, they have other ways to slay. Those animatronics still get quirky at night, after all.

Security Overhaul is a Five Night’s at Freddy’s dating simulator featuring a revamped, all feminine cast of animatronics. Meet Freddy, Monty, Chica and more over the course of your many nights working there, develop your relationships and see just why these new locations are so popular firsthand, and why the clientele is now 18+. See what you can get up to on those long, lonely nights and see how friendly the new girls are.​

File Size:430.4 MB
Version:0.4.0 Demo
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added updated art for Roxy, Freddy
  • Added Roxy story up to night 4
  • Added Freddy story up night 5
  • Updated various sprites and assets
  • Added arrows to go back in story
  • Added new video with splash screen before game starting
  • Added new introduction with Vanessa at the beginning of the game


  • Added concept art gallery
  • Added Roxy story up to night 2
  • Updated Fazwatch UI
  • Updated Roxy and Freddy art
  • Vinny added to credits


  • Added map screen for navigation
  • Added gallery page for freddy up to night 2 and night 1 for roxy
  • Images unlock as you progress
  • includes fazwatch notification popup
  • Added temp storylines for roxy and monty to night 5 and chica to night 1
  • Freddy night 5 is complete but left out of demo ver
  • each story has their own custom script now (Freddy_Story, Chica_Story, etc.)

0.281 version

  • fixed Lamby’s name in credits
  • rearranged the menu options.
  • +TO DO:
  • +hide quick menu
  • +add arrows for navigation
  • +add Fazwatch on top left screen for pausing.
  • +make gallery screen
  • +make fanart screen
  • +make affection screen

Developer Notes:

Who Are You?
Hello! I’m Ness (IsolatedArtest), Im making FNAF Security Overhaul

Where Does My Money Go?
With your help I am able to support my self and continue creating and doing what I love for you all:

  • currently working on my large game project Security Overhaul
    any and all help helps me hire more talented artist for the game!
  • adding more content into my game
  • not having to take a ton of commissions so i can focus on patreon
  • paintings and animations
  • making art a full time job!!!
  • adding m helps me with groceries and bills

Game Images & Screenshots


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