Furin x Ren’ai! Mama wa Anata no Yokubou Kanaemasu [Final] By Appetite

Appetite Games released a new game called Furin x Ren’ai! Mama wa Anata no Yokubou Kanaemasu and the version is Final. The game’s story is about “Waka Manase” is a housewife who’s cosplaying behind her family’s back. She is pretending to be in her 20s and goes by the alias “Nodoka”. One day one of her fans ask’s Waka out on a date, he’s a university student his name is “Shouri Usui”. How can I refuse without hurting him… After agonising about it, she decided to go on a date with him saying “Just Once”. Her son Gou Manase sees her that day.

That night after the date, in exchange for keeping his father in the dark about what he saw, Gou gives her a condition….. “From this day forwards, Mother will obey my orders. I will never forgive you if you disobey me.”​

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