Game of Evolution [Ep6 v0.06c] By D7 Games

D7 Games released a new game called Game of Evolution and the version is Ep6 v0.06c. The game’s story is about is an RPG game about The world turning to a Survival game. People were barely surviving, and Desires were out of control. You playing a university student living like this surviving. But you are very lucky. When people hide and shake in the house.MC was currently enjoying a leisurely stroll with zombies. When people still starving, MC can get food easily and fast. People try to please MC to survive. Much romantic story will happen to MC. But with great power comes great responsibility! MC has to find the truth and save the world!​

File Size:1.66 GB
Version:Ep6 v0.06c
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • In order to experience the story more smoothly, the day and night system has been eliminated
  • Rebuilt the code(The old save will does not work, I’m sorry.)
  • Added map guide
  • New Story
  • Sorry for the long delay, 2022 is too hard to me…
  • Only the next update as soon as possible can prove my apologies
  • Due to my sad English skills, I will try less lines and more animation in the next version

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