He Who Vowed to Create a Demon Harem [v1.12] By Avantgarde

Avantgarde Games released a new game called He Who Vowed to Create a Demon Harem and the version is 1.12. The game’s story is about What happens when a hero falls for the demons he’s supposed to destroy? Strange circumstances bring a human hero together with three demons, and the four of them set out on the adventure of a lifetime. They don’t work well together at first, but after a while (and with a little help from a special item), these old enemies will start to REALLY get along…

The year is 1887. Humankind has been assailed by demonic invaders from hell. For a time, humanity’s future was uncertain… until brave soldiers arose who fought back the demons. These soldiers are called heroes. One such hero, a man named Theo, has a goal in mind: take back the city of Manc from the demons who control it, the Halfas family. But the daughters of the said family ended up being a lot cuter than he expected…​

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Game Version Changelog:

June 18, 2022
Bug fixes Ver1.10

Developer Notes:


  • [Name] Theo Carlyle
  • [Race] Human
  • [Age] 19 years old
  • [Height] 183 cm
  • [Birthday] May 1
  • [Birthplace] Greatland Kingdom John Pool
  • [Title] Erected Hero
  • Theo is a hero’s father and novelist Boy with a mother. He decided to become a hero himself because he met the devil in his childhood.
  • He graduated from the brave school with a decent grade and became a brave man, but he is having a hard time due to his disgraceful title.

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