Headpats & Handholding [v0.07] By Insomnimaniac Games

Insomnimaniac Games released a new game called Headpats & Handholding and the version is 0.07. The game’s story is about Sup dudes and lady dudes! Are you ready for a no holds barred, high flying, epic adventure? No? Good cause this ain’t it. This is a game about a white haired futa’s journey of love, acceptance, and of course copious amounts of sex. Oh yeah, there’s a plot about an evil goddess or something, but who the hell cares about that? You can even pet a dog.​

Developer:Insomnimaniac Games
File Size:1.09 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Chapter 6 Quests
  • Fancier message windows, let me know if you don’t like them, it’s real easy to change.
  • Scenes for Carna, Marge, and Shanice. (Carna’s has a Lily Cameo)
  • Bonus scene for Lily. It’s not part of a quest, so you gotta find it.
  • The start of the Arena side activity. I’ll add more to this as the game goes on.
  • Short introduction of a new character, Din, the shortstack goblin milf. Concept by ShiggyWiggly on discord. She’ll play a bigger part in the next update.
  • Bigfixes/Spelling mistakes


  • Chapter 5 quests
  • Scenes for Lily, Danica, and Krystalia (Krystalia is optional) (Lily gets 3 new scenes)
  • Mini scenes for Danica, and Hana (A new character)
  • Updated NWJS for better performance. This’ll probably set off windows defender, because it’s windows defender. It’s a false positive though, defender just doesn’t like RPGM
  • Bug/Spelling fixes

Chapter 4 quests & scenes added.

  • New scenes for Aveline, Shanice, and Selene.
  • Mini scenes for Emilia, Shanice, and Lily.
  • Shake paws with the dog.
  • Pet the cat
  • Minor bug and grammar fixes.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

I’m going to say it outright, there will be NO NTR. EVER. No “Um actually it’s not technically NTR” The LI will NEVER be engaged with another character when not part of a two girl x MC scenario. The cheating and swinging tags are for side stories and do not apply to the LI.

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