Heroines Chord [Final] By No Future

No Future Games released a new game called Heroines Chord and the version is Final. The game’s story is about how Evil’s Ark and Omnicide’s attacks have been thwarted, and the world at large has learned of the existence of magical girls.

Though many held nothing but adoration for the heroines who protect them, there were some who were envious of their strength. There were some who wanted nothing more than to violate them… These disparate groups soon joined their strengths together, creating an anti-heroine army known as the “Counter Force”.

It’dIts ranks even included members of the secret society Shar Dark, as well as representatives from the demon-controlled Groad Corporation. With this new Counter Force running rampant throughout the city, the heroines were sure to make their appearance… But will they be able to stand up to the unimaginable might of all their enemies combined?​

Developer:No Future
File Size:1.63 GB
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