House of Beef [v1.64] By Braford

Braford Games released a new game called House of Beef and the version is 1.64. The game’s story is about We will follow the stories and misadventures of the protagonist Julian, who has been hired for a project in the new gym in the cit

File Size:1.95 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:



  • So, here goes the new version of House of Beef and the temperature around the gym keeps rising a bit more, so I hope you like it.
  • Just a heads up about a possible glitch we found when loading savegames from previous versions.
  • If you load an old save and hit the “Back” option as soon as the game starts there’s a chance that some of the sprites are not showing.
  • As soon as you continue forward with the story everything works well again, so we’ll be looking into it.
  • This only happened a couple of times but the sneaky bug is around there so if you find any kind of glitch please feel free to send me a private message so I can forward it to Wolfstar so he can hunt and terminate the bug asap.

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