Interworld [v0.0.2 Alpha] By IWGdev

IWGdev Games released a new game called Interworld and the version is 0.0.2 Alpha. The game’s story is about Interworld is an interactive nsfw RPG game in which you will be able to create your character, with the fact that the activities in the game will be transferred to the real world.​

File Size:42.03 MB
Version:0.0.2 Alpha
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Game Version Changelog:

  • Chastity timerControl your chastity
  • Virtual Femdom(task in real-life)
  • Bug fix
  • Random task

Developer Notes:

Chastity timer is a tool for submissive individuals or sissy that determines how long to be in the chastity cage in the real world, this tool interacts with the game and adds time, there will be added mini games like wheel of fortune or rock paper scissors where you will be able to bet this time and decrease or increase, if you are already in a mode you can add the time you need using the debug menu.The timer counts down the real time that passes in real time so you don’t have to worry about the application having to run all the time, every time you turn it on the time is actualized according to the real time and subtracted from your timer.

Glory hole can be found in the mall where you click on the red entrance on the right side of the escalator click on the booth,click on the glory hole to start the gloryhole metronome.

Mistress is a classic virtual dominant person,in the last version female but for bisexual/sissy/tranny,gay.. will be added also male maybe even trans dom I would like to make this game very comprehensive about these possibilities.

Random task there are random cues on the left side of the game that refresh after a certain amount of time if they are not active,chastity is also included after a certain amount of time clicking adds time to your timer.These cues add xp.

Red light district(under brand panties)this feature will be graphically redesigned into a form like a virtual dominatrix,but for now this feature works is visiting a red light district in which you can prostitute yourself to make money you click a button and after 30 seconds you find a customer,you can reject or accept them. After the job is done he will get xp and money(not saved yet),among the customers there is a possibility for a policeman who will catch you in the act or a troublemaker,who will be able to extort your services.After the customer is approved the metronome is turned on,except for the policeman all these actions are anal,for the policeman oral.

Gym in the gym it will be focused on the training of classic but also modified using nsfw parameters so far there are only 3 but they are planning to list/full progress from the easiest to the most difficult,in the game will be added in the future stats of strength/flexibility.+ Side or main quests

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