Konosuba a pervert on this wonderful world! [Final] By Ero-Moses

Ero-Moses Games released a new game called Konosuba a pervert on this beautiful world! and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Testing the GBA Fire Emblem style in Rpg Maker with Konosuba sprites! For My Dress Up Loser! No Adult Scenes! Easy Difficulty (Please play the official version of Konosuba a pervert on this beautiful world! (BABY MODE). I already made a lot of changes according to reviews at the start I am clear about what is this game about and if is it worth your time! + Message at the end is for My Dress Up fans.)

File Size:111.0 MB
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Developer Notes:

5 quests, 15-minute gameplay. You cant get any of the girls it is just aesthetic! This game was made to test out different game mechanics in Rpg Maker. Main Project: https://ero-moses.itch.io/my-dress-up-loser

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