Lust Village [v0.40] By Mr.C

Mr.C Games released a new game called Lust Village and the version is 0.40. The game’s story is about You take on the role of James (name changeable) in this game; in the past, you were bullied and thought of as a loser, and your parents abandoned you after their divorce. When you come back after five years, you have undergone significant change and are no longer the “loser.” Will you follow the path of love or corrupt your family? The decision is up to you start right now!​

File Size:2.50 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Lust Village v0.40

  • Sophia lv2 new outfit
  • Sophia game play event scene in her room
  • Sophia new sleep event scene
  • Sophia new bathroom event scene
  • Sophia new changing scene
  • Sophia new event scene with her friends at the mall
  • Sophia new pool event scene
  • Sophia new wake-up call scene
  • Sophia new toilet scene at night
  • Sophia new breakfast event scene
  • Sophia new date scene
  • Added Sophia’s Lust-gram
  • Added Sophia’s gallery


  • Linda Bathroom scene
  • Linda Pool scene
  • Linda night kitchen scene
  • Linda Living room event scene
  • Linda Date scene
  • Linda Task added
  • Added Linda gallery in MC’s computer
  • Added Linda Lustgram in MC’s computer
  • Vivian basic interface
  • Vivian Bathroom scene
  • Vivian Pool scene
  • Vivian night scene in her room
  • Vivian clothes change scene
  • Vivian taking picture scene
  • Vivian Date scene
  • Added Vivian gallery in MC’s computer
  • Added Vivian Lustgram in MC’s computer
  • Elena New level clothes (Normal, swim suit, Yoga, Lingerie)
  • Elena New Toilet scene
  • Elena New Pool scene
  • Elena New sleeping scene
  • Elena New Bathroom scene
  • Elena New Scenes from her office in downtown
  • Elena New Yoga scene
  • Elena New Kitchen scene
  • Rework Elena Scenes (Pool, Yoga, Breakfast event, night)
  • Added changing scene and mom’s diary

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