Mauri’s Quest [v0.1b] By Sylent_Lytening

Sylent_Lytening Games released a new game called Mauri’s Quest and the version is 0.1b. The game’s story is about you are a skilled wizard who has befriended Mauri and vowed to help her on her quest to find her missing father and hopefully set right the ill-fated events that plague the realm. While assisting Mauri, you will have many adventurous some dangerous, some amorous, some may be both. This is a not a visual novel where you travel the same path as every other player. Mauri’s quest has a little more of an open world feel, allowing you to pick where you will travel. You have one main quest, Mauri’s quest, that you must complete to successfully complete the game. However, there will also be side quests that you can choose to accept or not.

You will pick up companions on your way that can help you follow the path of the righteous or may lead you down a darker path. Your decisions will have a great effect on the options available to you later in the game, including how the game will end. Making bad decisions can lead to some interesting scenarios, but making too many wrong decisions can cause you to lose the game.

File Size:1.40 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed errors with Cali conversation

v0.1 Overhaul
Overhauled the previous release with a new style and more content

  • 12 animated scenes
  • 373 image renders
  • new locations, characters, and dialog
  • three potential failure scenarios

Developer Notes:

After some valuable feedback from this thread as well some growth in my skills and knowledge of Daz, I have overhauled v0.1 of this game. It is still little more than an intro into the game but I have added more content, renders, and animations.

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