Midnight Snack [v2022-08-02] By Keliar studio

Keliar studio Games released a new game called Midnight Snack and the version is 2022-08-02. The game’s story is about Midnight Snack is a 3D sex simulator where you can see how Dolores has fun in a variety of poses. You can freely move and see the process from any angle.​

Developer:Keliar studio
File Size:431.2 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

2022-08-02 Update

  • Here’s the first build from the overhauled version with the new girl model and background.
  • New poses for the new girl. You can see the full list after clicking the “Play” button.
  • New customization options for the main girl. These include clothes, turning off and on her horns and tail, colors for everything, and body proportions.
  • Added second girl, but she’s more of a stand-in for now, since she needs a lot more work at the moment. Please use the main girl for the best experience.
  • Added some images from the test I made during the development of the game. These are used in the minigame, but you can check these out from the main menu.
  • Added an option to change movement speed. You can adjust it by pressing + and – on your keyboard.
  • Added camera rotation speed that you can control using the mouse scroll.
  • Crouch/stand-up action is now a toggle and activates via a single button based on the player’s current state. Just press “C” on the keyboard.
  • Added a sub-menu to change the lighting and overall graphic quality.
  • Added a sub-menu for voice and music configuration.

Developer Notes:

  • Several poses in full 3d and several “action” speeds for each
  • Full sex sound support for all posses
  • Clothes customization for Dolores
  • Freedom of movement while Dolores has her fun

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