My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise [v0.2A] By Xoullion

Xoullion Games released a new game called My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise and the version is 0.2A. The game’s story is about When you were a small child, you traveled around the world on a sailing vessel with your parents. but one night a storm overtook the ship and it was wrecked. Everyone else is probably dead, but you miraculously survived by hanging onto a piece of wood from the ship. Not much later you washed up on the shore of a mystical island and were found by a middle-aged Minotaur woman and her small adopted Lamia daughter. They took you in and took care of you as a nanny and childhood companion, You grew to consider then to be your family, even if not by blood. Many years later, you reach adulthood and that is where your true adventure begins! Gather resources, try to become friends with wild monster girls, invite them to live in the village you rebuild, date the girl you like and make love… This is your story!​

File Size:689.4 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Big Update
  • (Dont use the 0.1 version Discord button in the game, that account got hacked, i have a new server)
  • For first make sure you start a new game because its not save compatible due to a lot of new stuffs
  • All six girls are fully implemented.
  • 5 New H-Scenes: All wild monster girls have three variants.
  • 15000+ Words This only includes the new written text. For example, I do plan to rework the dating system, so I only added new dialogues.
  • for talk topics or interactions in order to not throw out too much work; otherwise, if I count the implemented text, it’s above 20,000+.
  • Quests and tasks for almost all girls: There are quests you can repeat without waiting, and there are some that require waiting a few days.
  • Minigames: Fishing/Tavern Serving/Maze/Camping
  • New Areas
  • Fast Travel
  • With the new resources and items, you can track your relationship progress with the book or re-setup the characters details.
  • a lot of new visuals
  • Cheat/Gallery added for supporters on Patreon/Subscribestar
  • Credits added

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