New Earth Saga of the New Gods [Demo] By FPCGameSoftware

FPCGameSoftware Games released a new game called New Earth Saga of the New Gods and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about Blake “The Hammer” Ingersol, is an avid gamer. He’s dating Chelsea, who always finds new ways to rock his world. As they are concluding a game, Michelle, gives a ring of wishes to the man she loves, who makes a wish… that will change everything, for everyone, and possibly… end the world.​

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Developer Notes:

Release Date
Act 1 will be released in an early access format in a few months, followed by Act 2 in a few more months. The complete series is planned, at present, to be released within 2 years.
Act 1 is intended as something of an introduction to the characters and universe of New Earth.

The game is built on choices that will have an impact on the narrative. Multiple love interests, monstrous, mythological, and human, are available to be pursued, each with their own backstory.

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