New Life Project [v0.4.3] By Nota Bao

Nota Bao Games released a new game called New Life Project and the version is 0.4.3. The game’s story is about You are a young and beautiful 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights, woken up unbeknownst to where she is. Can you survive with no recollection of your past?​

Developer:Nota Bao
File Size:327.1 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed Lilys room image
  • Fixed Robs initial image – this should now show correctly everywhere.
  • Reduced probabilty of Lily sending a nude, so she doesn’t send 100 every day.
  • Reduced salary over all jobs except the Club bar. Mwahahah! [insert evil laugh gif] Jobs got nerfed!
  • Fixed spelling errors in the Club
  • Added more content to genderbender feature, like longer lasting “profile” picture as well as some more filler text to different scenes. Please let me know how to further expand on this, as I am not at all experienced in genderbender, so any and all input will be greatly appreciated! I want to make this game better for all of you!
  • Added backdoor to Library. This only appears after finding The Travels of Lord Baltazar. This leads to a backroom where a crazy sex cult might have something interesting.
  • Added more text to certain passages to make the game more flush
  • Added dreaming when sleeping alone at high enough arousal (≥30). There’s 4 random dreams, but they all give the same effect, which is; lower your arousal to 0. Choose to dream, or choose to stay aroused.
  • Added scenes to fucking the jogger and the birdwatcher if you’ve interacted with them enough. The jogger also requires extra corruption(≥50). The jogger requires a bit more interactions than the birdwatcher.
  • Added just a few more images to napping and sleeping for more diversity.
  • Added possibility to get raped when you sleep over in someone elses room. This happens with Noah, Zack and OC. Lily won’t take advantage of you. Such a good girl. All this happens at a set allure point, and a specific random number, so it should be fairly randomized, although some characters will have a higher risk of taking advantage, because of your relation to them.
  • Added three more dates with Noah, Cafe, Library and Lake (if you’ve unlocked the lake by finding it).
  • Fixed a bug where Noah’s relationship actually didn’t increase if you called him on the phone.
  • Increased the corruption level you need to have to watch porn in the living room with Zack home, as well as set a corruption level to watch porn in the living room alone.
  • Added three dates with OC. You need enough corruption to advance on two of them. Lily makes a surprise appearance as well in one of them, how about your increase your corruption and explore that possibility?
  • Added option to hang out with OC, increasing his relationship towards you.
  • Added missing images to jerking off and getting fucked in the library.
  • Added a total of 38 new images!
  • Added a return on your ID purchase. If you can not enter the club, the homeless guy will apparently drop £1000.

TLDR: squashed bugs, added new dates with lily, added a shit ton of events, added date with noah, added character text, added ability to send nudes, added guy start

ALL SAVES MIGHT BE VOID! Unfortunately this was needed to make some vital changes to code hierarchy.


  • Added a total of 26 images
  • Added an extra image to showering at the mansion.
  • Added new images to looking at yourself in the mirror.


  • Fixed bugs in the Club where some images wouldn’t show correctly. Find them when fucking customers!
  • Fixed a persisting bug with Constantin, where some of his text and possible options would be missing. This should hopefully be alright now, please let me know if this issue keeps happening. I’ve rewritten the entire passage.


  • Added two new dates to take Lily on! Picnic in the park and quiet reading at the library!
  • Added possible scenes for all three dates with Lily, you’ll need corruption and low inhibition to see them.
  • Added a date with Noah with a scene in his room. Scene is only available at a set corruption level!


  • Added a total of 54 random events that can happen around town and the city, only a few are interactive, and all have mainly been put there to make the game feel more lively!
  • Added five small events to the park. These will happen at random when at the park!


  • Added contacts to your phone! This way you’ll be able to have more options with the phone, instead of a fixed story-line kind of function!
  • Added ability to call all contacts. Maybe they’ll pick up, maybe they wont. Have a chat and increase their relationships.
  • Sending nudes to contacts is now available! You’ll need a set amount of corruption to send nudes to your friends and family, including but not limited to Lily & Noah!
  • Added a sidebar function that shows you when you’ve received a text. You can also now receive nudes from Lily anywhere, instead of only in your room! She sends a lot!


  • Changed the way the patron perks work.


  • Added option to start as a guy! This only applies for a select few scenes in the intro, as well as sometimes during inner monologue.


  • Optimized game code to make the code smoother and game run better and faster!
  • Added colored text to characters to make it more distinguishable during reading of the story.


  • Added 20 images
  • Added Library location, including four books to read there, two scenes as well as a book that can be found to give a small stat boost
  • Added Lake location, including random encounters, the possibility to tan, swim and fuck a stranger, both vaginally and anally!
  • Added ability to return to the mansion from Zack’s dates if you’ve unlocked the mansion
  • Removed a bunch of useless clicking.
  • Fixed some bugs at the park, where you couldn’t leave the park at certain instances.
  • Rewrote the code for the park, making it easier to look through for me when I update lol thank you me.
  • Added Senates to the posters

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