Occultus: DoD [Ch.7 R1] By BC

BC Games released a new game called Occultus: DoD and the version is Ch.7 R1. The game’s story is about Occultus: Daughter of Darkness is a noir-inspired detective story with supernatural elements. Join Private Detective Jane Malady in her search to find a missing woman which will, drag her down into the murky underworld of L.A where cults and monsters rule supreme.​

File Size:2.43 GB
Version:Ch.7 R1
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

CH.6 R1

  • 358 new images added
  • a few choices that’ll be significant later
  • 3 potential lewd scenes on the ghoul path at the end of the chapter (non ghoul path will get an extra lewd scene next chapter, don’t worry)
  • got videos working again

revision 1

  • Added music
  • Grammar and spelling fixes

Ch.5 R1

  • 334 new renders
  • extra scene for path b
  • multiple chapter ends based on previous choices

Revision 1

  • spelling and grammar fixes

Ch.4 Revision 3

  • 406 renders
  • New character introductions
  • Path A and Path B progress (Path B content is shorter this chapter but will have more content next chapter)

chp. 3 revision 3

  • 325 images
  • 5 short animation loops
  • new characters revealed

Ch.2 Revision 2

  • 440 new renders
  • New scenes for both current paths

Game Images & Screenshots


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