Odyssey of Gianna [v3.5] By Vhiel Kalominos

Vhiel Kalominos Games released a new game called Odyssey of Gianna and the version is 3.5. The game’s story is about you’ll control a party of up to 10 unique girls with their own skills and strengths, properties and weaknesses. These three are the first you’ll be controlling in the game – Lilina Markos, Princess of Gianna; Sinian Woodward, court mage and childhood friend of Lilina; and Sable-Claw (usually just “Sable”), Lilina’s personal knight and bodyguard. Each represents one of the common races of the world – human, elf, and forestkin, respectively. Each also has their own class, as well as other unique traits. For example, Sable has a cock, which has certain gameplay implications, while Lilina’s status as Princess means certain enemies will make capturing her a priority. These three will, by order of the Giannan Parliament, be traveling across the world seeking six jewels, as well as six tomes to unlock the power of those jewels. That’s the main questline, anyway – there are basically no restrictions on where and what you can do!​

Developer:Vhiel Kalominos
File Size:1.30 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Misc bugfixes, Steam Integration

Developer Notes:

v3.5 is mostly the Steam release, including Steam Achievements. However, it still contains important bugfixes, and is the last major version before the release of the first DLC pack!

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