OH MY WAIFU [v2022-03-14] By OH MY WAIFU

OH MY WAIFU Games released a new game called OH MY WAIFU and the version is 2022-03-14. The game’s story is about Since Rule 34 was created, we have all dreamed of controlling those illustrations or animations, playing and enjoying imagining that we are the protagonists of that little adventure, so… I decided to make it come true.

Hey! virtualove here and this is OH MY WAIFU. A set of minigames where you control the action, each game is a stage with a waifu ready for you, no dialogues, no backstory, and no waste of time, here you just have to take care of having a good time with your waifu favorite. Games include easy animations, physics, and controls so you just install and enjoy.​

Developer:OH MY WAIFU
File Size:32.0 MB
OS:Windows, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

2B Doggy

Developer Notes:

This project is in continuous development, so I will update my games with more features so that the experiences are the most complete and satisfying for you, feel free to comment and express ideasfeedback is important to me to improve my games.

At moment all my games are separate apps, however I’m working on creating a single app where all my games are included, sort of like a mini-game library of all my works.

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2B Doggy


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