Ojousama Saimin: Breaking Pride [Final] By Dieselmine

Dieselmine Games released a new game called Ojousama Saimin: Breaking Pride and the version is Final. The game’s story is about At a prestigious school attended by daughters of the rich and royal, the protagonist spends his days getting kicked around. Those days end when he obtains the power of “saimin”. Without even knowing it, the minds of all the privileged ojosamas are bent to his will. His vengeance begins.

File Size:349 MB
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Rough Guide:

Everyone except Chris is self-explanatory. Should just experiment first really.

To get the Chris End

  1. Choose Rieze
  2. Choose Satsuki
  3. Choose Satsuki
  4. Choose Rieze

Harem: Follow Chris ending after completing her route once and a new option appears.

Extra: New button on the menu after the Harem ending

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