Path of Corruption [v0.16] By Auctorem

Auctorem Games released a new game called Path of Corruption and the version is 0.16. The game’s story is about is a text-based coming-of-age RPG. You play a young girl, who recently turned 18 and moving to the big city to study at the university. You can choose a life of virtue or debauchery.​

File Size:197.3 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Some coding error fixed
  • Lots of typos
  • Story continues in this chapter
  • Depending on earlier choices:
  • Your long time friend has another sleepover
  • You (finally) go on a ‘date’ with the rich guy
  • Various short storyline updates.

v.013 – More 3DCG added and story heavily expanded.

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