Reconstruction of Zanda Village [Final] By Hatomame

Hatomame Games released a new game called Reconstruction of Zanda Village and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Maki Hibino, a healthy bitch, is walking along a road in the mountains when a mysterious voice speaks to her. Surprised by the strange phenomenon, but in the spirit of helping others, she is led by the voice to Zanda Village, a super-populated village with a population of one. The mysterious girl, who calls herself “Kamisama,” wants Maki to use her dirty body to have sex with her and restore the village. Maki’s body is so dirty that she wants the village to be restored.

The more you fuck, the more people you attract, and the better the village facilities become. After a lot of tit-fucking and a lot of vaginal ejaculation, the secret of the village is revealed! Not only Maki, but also the mysterious bombshell, and even the kamisama get involved and a sex storm erupts!​

Developer: Hatomame
File Size:678.9 MB
game details

Developer Notes:

A storm of sex rages with a woman with huge breasts and a married couple! 50 basic CG images, 48 H scenes (no CG overlays), branching ending. There is a recollection room (all recollections can be opened from the beginning).

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