Scarlet Ashbringer [v0.2.3a] By Scarlet Ashbringer Studio

Scarlet Ashbringer Studio Games released a new game called Scarlet Ashbringer and the version is 0.2.3a. The game’s story is about Scarlet Ashbringer a Dating Sim/Visual Novel (In development) set in Warcraft’s universe. So far, only Eastern and Western Plaguelands are available, but more regions will be explorable too. In this game, you play as a common Scarlet Crusade soldier working at Tyr’s Hand, when destiny decided for some reason that you should be the one wielding the Ashbringer! Freshly taken by force at Naxxramas, it is corrupted. Azeroth needs the Scarlet Crusade! Can you save it from fanatism and its inner enemy?

Developer:Scarlet Ashbringer Studio
File Size:1.40 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

The Jaina update is divided into 3 phases, and two of them are ready ! The two first phases are the storyline, the last phase is more focused on the H scenes and closing content. I will release it somewhere in February I think

Also : You will see a placeholder for Jaina’s reading, it will be changed in the future update.

Phase 1 :

  • Focused on Jaina story and Gandling
  • Few mild H-scene with Jaina (placeholder)

Phase 2 :

  • Second act, stuff happening with Jaina very story-focused
  • Development of Alistra !
  • A few H-scenes with Alistra

How to play
To reach Jaina’s update, you need to finish Hearthglen story. Or more exactly, you need to do so to finish it.

Developer Notes:

New build 0.2.0 is here ! But first, a word

Hello everyone ! I know, it’s been a long time. I missed it too. I’d like to explain why it took so long and why it shouldn’t happen anymore, so you can have a better idea on how I work and hopefully I will appease your worries.

After the first release, I needed a lot of new characters, including secondary ones, such a Tirion, Tyrosus, etc. It just had to be done once to expend the cast and now it is done. Now I can work on more story with more H-scenes instead. So the drought is over !
I opened my Patreon. You can see the icon linking to it in the main menu. Do not feel pressured into supporting the game if you can’t afford it, the game won’t collapse out of lack of support, don’t worry. Supporting it will just make the releases faster.

Important : Older saves won’t work. Given how the project developped, I had to restart from stratch a lot of things. But don’t worry, this is an exception that will help me to integrate older saves later. Next time, your saves will be compatible !… Probably…

This is a PREPATCH. I made it so, since older saves won’t work anymore, you will grind back your previous progress. There’s a lot of new content, new functionality, a quest log, some stuff, Corin’s Crossing battle and you can take your first walk in the Wastern Plaguelands. But the story won’t go far. You will have to wait for the 0.2.1 to enter Hearthglen and meet Lilian Voss. (In about 6 weeks I think). You can wait for the next release if you don’t want to play a half patch.
Thank to the beta testers who helped me to bug proof the game. If you encounter new bugs, or find more typos, you can report them.

I’d like to thank you all for your patience and your support. I hope you will enjoy this build as much as I enjoyed creating it. And I will see you in six weeks for the 0.2.1, where we will final go to Hearthglen !

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