Serenity [Ch. 2 v0.2] By N2TheFire

N2TheFire Games released a new game called Serenity and the version is Ch. 2 v0.2. The game’s story is about You lose your mother to cancer after caring for her for 5 years. She left you a magical book that transports you to Serenity Island… a paradise with nekos, romance, and adventure. Serenity is a kinetic, adult visual novel about love, forgiveness, and acceptance in a world where pleasure feeds your magic, enabling you to build your paradise and live in peace with a harem of Nekos, demons, and more. If you enjoy AVNs with a good-hearted MC, harem, Nekos, comedy, romance, and just a touch of drama, then you’re in the right place. Good wholesome and sexy fun is waiting!

File Size:998.5 MB
Version:Ch. 2 v0.2
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 1 version 1.6
This build contains all previous fixes plus making the text box wider. This will be the last “fix” update I will release for Chapter 1. Version 2.0 will be a complete overhaul of the story, graphics, and music (especially the first 8 days) and will address a list of various minor complaints I have kept a list of over the last 2 years. Work on that project will be sometime next year, possibly early spring.

Developer Notes:

Chapter 1 of Serenity is now complete. Currently working on Chapter 2 Serenity Chapter 1 is a separate game from Serenity Chapter 2 (separate install folders!) You do not need to worry about moving saves over to chapter 2. Just choose the same name you used in the first chapter.

Further updates to Chapter 1 will mainly be improvements/fixes. Later there will be an overhaul of the first 6 days of Chapter 1 which will be a major update. I will announce ahead of time when work on that project begins.

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