Simbro ResErection [Demo v0.05] By The Gentle Viking

The Gentle Viking Games released a new game called Simbro ResErection and the version is Demo v0.05. The game’s story is about Welcome to a sci-fi/cyberpunk universe where you run an adult brothel in a full brothel management simulator. Build your brothel from the ground up by adding new rooms to increase your staff capacity, keep staff happy, and provide unique services to clients. You can also customize your characters with different clothes, hairstyles, and weapons. In this game, you can earn experience points and a reputation through a turn-based combat system, running your brothel, and “interacting” with beautiful women. Level up your character and staff to better serve clients or fight off thugs. Take over the city by fighting gangs and upgrading your brothel.

Developer:The Gentle Viking
File Size:161.8 MB
Version:Demo v0.05
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Demo v0.041

  • Fixed Alice not displaying properly during the intro
  • Fixed Receptionist not assigning workers
  • Receptionists now gain 5 exp each day
  • Maids now gain 5 exp each day
  • Fixed issue with lost girl event hangup
  • [Linux] fixed crash involving sound data structure
  • Changed UI font
  • Fixed bug that kept the wait menu open after travelling
  • Improved collision detection when interacting with female NPCs
  • improved texture page handling (should reduce crashes)
  • Fixed breasts being different colors
  • 1 new hairstyle for females
  • 1 new nose variation for females
  • 1 new eye shape for females

Demo v0.02
Intiial Release


What’s the difference between the public/demo version and the other versions?
Well, right now, not a whole lot. The only difference currently is the lack of starting bonus and cheat menu in the demo. The Public/Demo Version also has links promoting our Patreon, Subscribe Star, and Steam Page. In the future, the demo will contain less story, events, clothes, hairstyles etc. As we move forward, the Public/Demo version will have a staggered release from the paid versions.

Will You Include X Fetish In The Remake?
That’s a great question! Currently, we plan to do a “Vanilla” remake. Now, that doesn’t mean we won’t include fetishes. Fetishes will be supported later in development and will be optional. Which fetish we focus on first will depend on patrons and how comfortable the artist is with the subject matter. We are going this route mainly because we don’t want feature creep to become problematic. Too many developers promise too much, often leading to abandoned projects. We want to create this game with laser focus. We also know that specific fetishes don’t appeal to everyone. So, by having our main audience vote on fetishes, we hope to bring the most wanted fetishes to the game first when the time comes.

How Is The Remake Going To Be Different From The Original?
Aside from the art, engine, and UI, we don’t plan to change much about the game. However, we do plan to rewrite a ton of the story. This doesn’t mean the story will change significantly. It only means we plan to have a more cohesive and polished story. We love the original, but the writing was all over the place. We want to see the same story told but in a better way.

Will The Remake Still Have A Female MC?
Yes! We still plan to add a female MC, but to be honest; it’s not something we plan to add for a while. The goal is to get the main systems in place before we divert our attention to these options. Once we have the base mechanics done along with a solid team, we hope to bring the female MC option as soon as possible.

What Platforms Is The Game Going To Be On?
The game has Windows, Linux, Mac and Android ports. Later, we hope to release it on Steam and

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