Simple Beginnings [Ep. 3 v1.2 BETA] By Barbiecued

Barbiecued Games released a new game called Simple Beginnings and the version is Ep. 3 v1.2 BETA. The game’s story is Simple Beginnings is the first game in a series set in my fictional city and world, Pennybridge. In this series, players will follow the stories of different characters. The first title of the series, aptly named Simple Beginnings, focuses on Jenny, the main protagonist, and her struggles within a broken family. Players will join Jenny on her search to find her older sister, Sarah, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It will serve as the introduction to the world of Pennybridge and the secret supernatural society that it harbors.​

File Size:1.41 GB
Version:Ep. 3 v1.2 BETA
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

v1.2 BETA

  • Episode 3 – Shadows
  • I’ve started introducing some of the variables needed for different paths for the later parts of the game and I had to take some time figuring things out to make sure everything was free of bugs.
  • Because of these new changes to episode 2, your old saves won’t work and you’ll have to start a new game or go back to your last save in episode 1.
  • That’s it for now, I’ll take a few days break and then start on Episode 4. There’s a few scenes I have in mind I need to render and add to the next episode, but then its mostly coding work left to do.

v1.1 BETA

  • Episode 2 – Temptations.
  • No changes made to previous episode.
  • Focused a little bit more on the paths, and important decisions.
  • I’m slow-dripping in information about Jenny’s past / future while mainly building the world and the characters important in the first season.
  • I made a conscious decision on adding in a some explicit content this version, my first animation, which wasn’t meant to be implemented yet, but I gave it a go.
  • Let me know if you liked it!

BETA – Episode 1
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

(I have voice acting planned for this and future titles, which will serve as the main character’s inner voice. However, it is a costly service, adding to the expenses of an already expensive game. Since I handle all aspects of development myself, including rendering, coding, graphics, music and sound design, and screenwriting, these tasks are time-consuming. Therefore, voice acting will have to wait until the first season is completed. Once the first season is finished, I will add voice acting to create a full release version. Lastly, I hope you enjoy the game and follow future releases. I have tons planned and I’m working on episode 2 as we speak. /Barbiecued)

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