Sister’s ATM [v1.1] By Bo Wei

Bo Wei Games released a new game called Sister’s ATM and the version is 1.1. The game’s story is about Your lazy sister is spending her money on new things. Where is she even getting this money from?​

Developer:Bo Wei
File Size:117.2 MB
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Developer Notes:

  • I did an edited MTL for the game, it works fine other than two issues I haven’t been able to resolve.
  • Two scenes [the bathroom sports outfit scene and bedroom QR code scene] won’t trigger.
  • I know how to fix it, I just need to remove the translation for the trigger in either common events or map02.
  • But the thing is, I can’t find this trigger,
  • I manually translated each entry and I can’t find it anywhere, so if anyone can clean those two triggers up, then great.
  • Other than that the game works fine with a few scraps of japanese left here or there.

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