Student Transfer [v7.0] By kmalloc

kmalloc Games released a new game called Student Transfer and the version is 7.0. The game’s story is about An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don’t understand?​

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OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


Now with 1.2M words!

  • Leona Swap – John and Leona’s epic battle with Sandra continues in newer, steamier directions.
  • AlternateYuunaverse – John wants to be there for Yui, but he’ll be taking on a much more active role than he expected!
  • Charlotteswap – Continue John’s journey as Charlotte, with more confusion, feelings, and alcohol!
  • MagicAllie – As John and Allison continue their magical hijinks, a Cold War is brewing not only between the popular girls, but between John and a new ally.
  • MagicDelinquents – John joins forces with two troublemakers in a nefarious scheme to raise their math grades, only to find that it may not have been worth the trouble at all.
  • Michelle – After making a careless mistake, John is intercepted by a curious Michelle, who takes it upon herself to “help.”
  • Sadie – The story hasn’t progressed since last time, but a sexy new CG has been retrofitted into a certain scene where John is all alone in Sadie’s room with her body all to himself. Check it out!
  • KyokoMistake – John decides to cheer Kyoko up by showing her the device and soon finds himself and his friends caught up in various experiments.


  • An odd duplicate outfit in Kyoko’s character files was vaporized by sheer force of Will. Who’s Will? I don’t know, he just showed up a few weeks ago and won’t leave.
  • Images sent via text message are now exempt from blurring, reducing nausea while you text and drive.
  • A black background was added to gallery images that don’t fill the entire screen to prevent background bleed. We can’t stand blood, after all.
  • Paul’s icy and somewhat strange B pose was removed, contributing to global warming in the process.
  • The morph command now properly accounts for custom y positioning, which is better than just kinda accounting for it.
  • Accessories are now reset when leaving the sprite viewer, preventing John from looking funky when you enter it again.
  • The numbering for Alex’s glasses accessory was fixed because we hired a mathematician to explain rational numbers to us. Again.
  • Blush expressions can now be used in the morph command. Why anyone would blush while morphing into an attractive girl is beyond me though.
  • Minor scheduling conflicts have been resolved to avoid paradoxes in alternative timelines.
  • Returning from the details view in the sprite viewer should no longer crash the game under very specific circumstances.
  • Several minor consistency and typo fixes have been made that are surely not going to collapse the narrative, we promise.
  • Sayaka’s frog sprite snuck a JSON metadata file by us, but we caught the little bug eventually.
  • Some fixes have been made to Sayaka’s cheer outfit, but we no longer know what we changed.
  • A couple move transitions had their timing updated very slightly to get rid of a lingering offset when bouncing back to their start position. Thanks to CaptainCaption for notifying us of this.
  • The pause/resumeaudio functionality now works more correctly than before.
  • Added some missing pixel’s in Stevie’s expressions. Thanks to BuggsB for the report.
  • Fixed an extraneous line of transparent pixels in the game menu background.
  • The message lint feature no longer crashes. I see this as an absolute win.
  • Connie now has an a_8 expression. Finally, after all these years!
  • A few stray slightly-transparent pixels on johnGB’s face have been made opaque thanks to Nickaholic’s eyes working very well.


  • The reading speed for scenario reading time calculation was increased from 210 WPM to 250 WPM since the default turned out to be a little too slow. Gotta go fast!
  • Character names are now shown in the sprite viewer so you won’t have to ask “who dat” all the time.
  • The dialogue history screen now accounts for excessively long narration, but I’m sure that will never occur, anyway.
  • The sprite viewer and the character database now don’t reset your search input and scroll position when returning to the index view for added convenience.
  • Yoshinori’s second outfit was optimized. No, we don’t have any more info on this, stop asking.
  • Converted accessories to pose-level accessories where beneficial. Central management!
  • Oh yeah, we did add pose-level accessories, in case you missed it. Now one accessory can service all outfits in a pose to make things more compact. Pretty neat, huh?
  • Blush expressions are now supported in the phone_call command.
  • Accessory group parents are no longer shown in the sprite viewer so as to not clutter up the space. CPS to the rescue!
  • Scarlet’s expressions had their whitespace trimmed so she occupies a bit less space, just like in the game itself. Oh Scarlet route, where art thou?!
  • JSON support in scenario metadata files is really disabled this time. We mean it!
  • Font files are now packaged by default when exporting a scenario.
  • Several animations and expression sections have been revamped to be more consistent/animated. a_0 at center can take you far, but not that far.
  • Turned down the reflections in Vanessa’s eye so that she no longer possesses a gear. That’s an anime reference that’s hip with the kids nowadays, right?
  • Some new linting features for define and default statements have been backported to the scenario linter.
  • The scenario linter no longer produces warnings for silhouette images.
  • Upgraded to Ren’Py 8, which comes with Python 3. There should be no user-facing changes if we did everything correctly.
  • Script loading speeds have been improved by 18%. I mean, it’s not nothing…


  • Genny can now wear her uniform in her A pose as well. Swell!
  • Irene can now wear her uniform in her A pose as well. Swell!
  • Michelle can now wear her uniform in her B pose as well. Swell!
  • Katrina and Kyoko can now wear their gym uniforms in B pose as well. Swell x2!
  • Allison’s braids are now an accessory. Sweet!
  • Michelle now has underwear in both A and B poses. Scandalous!
  • Naomi now has formalwear. Fancy!
  • Charlotte’s got jeans. Keen!
  • The timedcho

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April’s Fools Special 2020

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