Succubus in Wonderland [v2.11] By 62studio

62studio Games released a new game called Succubus in Wonderland and the version is 2.11. The game’s story is about A man falls into a well and finds himself in a castle full of busty succubuses. After running into “Louise”, the Queen’s daughter, she offers to help the man find his way home.

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Game Version Changelog:

2023-08-18 (v2.11)
Initial English Release + DLC


  • Get additional events and graphics with this expansion DLC for “Succubus in Wonderland”.
  • This DLC is Vol. 1 and can be played up to the partway of the game.
  • For the development status of Vol.2, please check Wasabi Entertainment official discord.
  • ※All characters in this game are 18 years of age or older.

Developer Notes:

Make the enemy orgasm to win! If you lose, you’ll be raped by the busty succubuses! Fight against more than 40 different types of naughty succubuses!! *Defeat scenes available for all characters! *The girls always come on top! Packed with all kinds of titty plays! *You can get the succubuses to join your party! *Gain XP, even when you’re not fighting! *Change the difficulty of the game at any time! *You can unlock everything, access the recollection room, or use the boost play feature right from the beginning! *Tons of mini-games including cooking casinos, and more!

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