Summer’s Gone [Ch.4.5 Full] BY Oceanlab

Oceanlab Games released a new game called Summer’s Gone and the version is Ch.4.5 Full. The game’s story is about After a traumatic experience, a young spirit tries to find its way back into life. College is about to start and mysteries are about to unfold.​

File Size:7.78 GB
Version:Ch.4.5 Full
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Ch.4.5 Full

  • Added 979 new Renders to Chapter 2
  • Added 2 animations to Chapter 2.
  • Added 17 new renders to Chapter 3. (Removed the Said Fight cinematic.)
  • Re-rendered 300+ renders for Chapter 3.5. (More on this in a future Dev Log.)
  • Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
  • Finished removing all music that would’ve needed to be removed in the future. (Including the cinematics music.)
  • Added 6 new licensed music tracks.
  • Applied a big amount of proofreading to all Chapters.

Ch.4.5 Beta

  • Added Chapter 4.5 and 1520 new renders.
  • Added one Cinematic and multiple animations (4400 frames).
  • Added visual enhancements to the gallery (WIP)
  • Chapter 3 is now completely accompanied by music.
  • Painfully removed the rest of the songs that needed to be removed due to licensing issues.
  • Added new licensced music.
  • Added a default name for the MC.

Developer Notes:

This isn’t a porn game! This is a story-focused game with adult elements. If you just want to fap, this is certainly the wrong game for you.

Game Images & Screenshots

Android (Ch. 3.5 Full): MEGA – MIXDROP – RACATY

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