Sunrise City [v0.8.0d] By Sunrise Team

Sunrise Team Games released a new game called Sunrise City and the version is 0.8.0d. The game’s story is about Sunrise City is a visual novel/deck building game with adult content inspired by manga and comics. The game takes place in Sunrise City where you play as a student in the Battle section of the prestigious Onyx Academy. The story takes place during the holidays of the hero who will have to investigate a strange group working in the shadows.​

Developer:Sunrise Team
File Size:988.1 MB
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Game Version Changelog:



  • Added the 1st part of episode 7, with the mission “A race against time”.
  • (v0.8.0d) Added Mrs. Claus 2022 illustrations.

Personal stories

  • Added the last step in “Lana’s Past”.
  • Added a step in “Juicy Business”.
  • Added a step in “In Sunrise shadows”.
  • Added several steps in “Bold n’Tasty”.
  • Added a bonus scene for June.
  • Changed the text/corrected some steps in various stories.


  • New ambiance set for Horizon Park.
  • Corrected lighting for Ellen’s apartment and Horizon Park in the evening.
  • (v0.8.0a) Blocked access to the clinic at night.
  • (v0.8.0b) Fixed a bug that made 3D backgrounds abnormally dark.


  • Added 5 new characters.
  • Switched Lana to 3D.
  • Added 24 2D poses for June, Zoey, and the new Nova minions.
  • Added 38 3D poses for Lana and Connor.


  • Added 5 cutscenes.
  • Various text corrections.


  • Changed the combat system:
  • Characters now take turns playing.
  • During a new round, the character with the most Speed plays first.
  • Each skill used gives a state (Power, Speed…), it’s this state that allows to deal critical hits.
  • The interface is modified to be more modern.
  • All the skills that used to block/dodge damage now have a duration of one turn, except for High Guard which remains active until it receives damage.
  • Some opponents have been rebalanced to fit the new system.
  • Added a new type of battle: Enemy Waves.
  • Added a new characteristic: regeneration (not yet present in the ability tree).
  • Added 5 new enemies.
  • Added 2 buff icons: Hammer and Nausea.
  • Characters are lit by the light of their location.
  • Tooltips are similar to those in the deck menu.
  • Added a tooltip on the discard pile that indicates its content.
  • Fixed a bug that left skills at level 0 and disabled the effects of the ability tree.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the bonus of Clover’s soup.
  • (v0.8.0b) Fixed a bug that prevented the Enemy waves battle from working correctly in replay.
  • (v0.8.0d) Fixed the AI of Clover’s soup.

Ability tree

  • Fixed an ability that did not give the right bonus.
  • Changed an image for HP in Holly’s tree.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented from seeing the tooltip of a skill in one of the rooms of Warehouse 7 correctly.


  • Replaced the blur effect with a bluish effect for performance reasons.
  • Updated the gallery with 7 illustrations and 1 scene.
  • (v0.8.0d) Added new options to change graphical settings.
  • (v0.8.0d) Changed the progress display to show the progress of the patreon and public version separately.
  • (v0.8.0d) Fixed a display bug in June’s gallery.


  • Added 11 new events.
  • (v0.8.0c) Fixed a bug that prevented from launching the first event of episode 7.


  • Added new musics.

Developer Notes:

For uploaders, if you could wait until weekends to put updates we would be very grateful. We are a small team and we need a maximum of exposure, which happens mostly on weekends, thanks 🙂

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