Swan Song of the White Angels [v0.13.5B] By H.ERO

H.ERO Games released a new game called Swan Song of the White Angels and the version is 0.13.5B. The game’s story is about In near future earth is being attacked by an organization call Kavliaris who want to rule earth they plans have stop by a group of girls who call themself White Angel (WA) they are successfully defeat them each day but suddenly a new mysterious creatures who now leads Kavliaris with the creatures vast knowledge the WA got push back and they are defeat and capture 1 by 1 then being hard punishment and humiliating on TV only, a girls name Lolita who maybe the only one can save them or will she join them?

File Size:1.42 GB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • New one lewd scene, the Daisy lewd reward scene.
  • Have the choice to let Homura cum.
  • improve few part of Lolita sprites.
  • Fix few bugs.
  • Nerf some old enemies.

• Lolita profile picture now reflect her newest outfit. (Need to change to other outfit first to have this effect.)
• Daisy slave now also have profile picture.
• Lolita NEW and improve body sprites to all except her Alita form.
• Few bugs fix.
• Nerf and Buff some enemies and Daisy.
• Improve and fix on some cutscenes in the new mission.

0.11 Changelog:

  1. 5 New lewd scenes, some having variations.
  2. New maps, story and enemies.
  3. Lolita Maid outfit.
  4. Rebalance some of the enemies.
  5. Etc.

Developer Notes:

I will change the name Lolita Adventures to Swan song of the White Angels because almost every week there always 2 or 3 people chat/email to me asking if this a Pedo game or does this based on the famous books of child predators? this game is actually NOT about a pedo game or from that’s books I pick Lolita because it a cute name, Before the game release I don’t know the true meaning of Lolita in other countries/nations, BUT the protagonist name will still be the same, and this also to avoid a future Ban from Patreon one day when a stupid SJW Person see this or review this game her/he will instant ban this game just because the name Lolita, there already an 18+ Artist who got Ban or suspended just because they have many Lewd/nudity arts so I try to avoid this issues, I hope your guys can understand the situations and very sorry for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to Salty Justice for proofreading the game (Note: Some picture art below was not proofread, the newest updates have been proofreading)

Future plans will add Futanari, Prostitution, Tentacles, Slimes, Monster, and maybe more. if your what to know more check my Patreon If find a bugs please tell me so I can fix it

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